Friday Detours: 1st May 2020

This week: gadgets and hacks to nail working from home, adventure lessons to help you through lockdown, salty sea stories and ocean tales, the Earth in kaleidoscope colours and how trail running is helping young women in Nepal.

1st May 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

#1 Working at home hacks and gadgets
If you’re not a regular home worker, setting up a workspace might feel a little unfamiliar. The tech-savvy gang over at The Verge have come up with a great list of stuff to make working from home easy, helping you focus better, type more comfortably and set up video calls like a pro.

#2 Lockdown life lessons from adventurer Jenny Tough
Jenny Tough is one of our favourite female adventurers – that’s why she topped the list in our recent Instagram round-up. We’re loving her latest Insta posts, which are basically life lessons from the world’s most amazing places, titled ‘Things I Learned on Solo Adventures That Help With a Lockdown’.

#3 Happiness comes in waves
This fascinating round-up of salty sea stories from Outside magazine has provided us with plenty of distraction this week. These tales plumb the depths of the world’s oceans and are guaranteed to intrigue anyone who is irrevocably drawn to the Big Blue.

#4 Incredible polychromatic photos of the Earth from space
This mesmerising gallery shows the surface of the Earth in a kaleidoscope of colours, shot by NASA’s Terra satellite. The images were taken with the ASTER instrument (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer), resulting in a gorgeous spectrum of polychromatic hues that gives scientists vital data about changes in the Earth’s environment and the effects of climate change.

#5 The young women running towards a better future in Kathmandu
Ultra-runner Mira Rai has funded a project in Nepal designed to inspire and empower future generations of female trail runners. As well as offering support to help them live, train and race, the programme teaches valuable life skills to help them build better futures.

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