Friday Detours: 28th February 2020

This week, our regular outdoor adventure round-up brings you the world’s best post-adventure paradises and a cat with a serious case of wanderlust, plus an epic tale of shipwreck and survival.

28th February 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

#1 The world’s best post-adventure paradises
These bars, inns, hotels, restaurants, breweries and spas are the perfect places to relax, refuel and reflect after an epic adventure, according to Outside magazine.

#2 Get off the beaten track
Forget Yosemite and Yellowstone - discover the hidden gems of the US National Parks system with this insightful guide from Lonely Planet.

#3 Meet the cat exploring the globe
Suki is a Bengal cat with serious wanderlust, whose adventures have gained her more than 1.8m Instagram followers. Insider has profiled this feline internet sensation and interviewed her globe-trotting owner.

#4 Eleven great UK adventures 
From the madcap Man vs Horse Marathon to running along Hadrian's Wall dressed as a Roman legionary, these are the most unique (and eccentric) challenges you'll take on this year, courtesy of the Guardian.

#5 Lost and alone in the vast ocean
The incredible tale of how three shipwrecked sailors survived for a gruelling 10 days, floating lost and alone in the Pacific Ocean after a devastating storm, as told to Outside magazine.

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