Friday Detours: 22nd May 2020

This week: Great adventure reads, an amazing climbing documentary, some stunning nature photography, incredible findings from Antarctica and a powerful short film about the porters of Nepal

22nd May 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

#1 At home with the adventurers
Still got free time to fill? There’s nothing better than a great read to while away the hours. These free audiobook downloads from survival expert Megan Hine, explorer Levison Wood and travel broadcaster Simon Reeve ought to do the trick.

#2 Climbing blind
Last year, blind climber Jesse Dufton led every pitch of the classic East Face Route (E1 5b) on the Old Man of Hoy, placing all his own gear. Catch renowned adventure filmmaker Alastair Lee’s award-winning film of this impressive feat on BBC iPlayer. 

#3 Stories behind the world’s most endangered species
This stunning album features some of the world’s most critically endangered species, from mountain gorillas to pangolins. National Geographic photographers talk about the stories behind their most memorable shots.

#4 The lush forests of Antarctica
Though it seems almost incredible today, new findings have shown that back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, Antarctica was a landscape of warm, temperate forest. Could that landscape ever return? Scientists are examining this disturbing possibility and what that might mean for our future.

#5 The unsung heroes of the Himalayas
Life as a porter in Nepal is incredibly tough – throughout the tourist season they haul back-breaking loads for as little as $15 a day. Nate Menninger was one of the first ever foreign-born porters to aid an Everest expedition. This powerful short film highlights life as a porter and calls for better pay and working conditions.

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