Topo Designs

The high plains, huge sand dunes, deep canyons and iconic mountains of Colorado make the Centennial State the perfect playground for outdoor adventurers. Topo Designs founders Jedd Rose and Mark Hansen were two classic examples. But when they first set out to explore these landscapes, they took simple, functional and durable gear with them – the kind of stuff made by genuine hikers, climbers and mountaineers in basement workshops. But somewhere along the way, as the world of outdoor kit ballooned into a multi-million-dollar industry, that authentic connection with a brand got lost.

In 2008, Jedd and Mark set up Topo Designs to return to those roots. They started by designing and making packs on a single sewing machine in a Fort Collins basement. Soon, they were taking trips to Denver to meet like-minded suppliers and partners that could help expand the product range. The fledgling company grew fast. Today, Topo Designs’ mission is to manufacture the most durable, versatile and beautiful products for use in town, on the trail and travelling the globe. That fusion of outdoor-inspired design, urban utility and creative inspiration has been a blueprint for success that has resulted in uncomplicated but stylish gear that is adored by fashionistas, outdoorsy types and independent creatives.

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