Today, aluminium is ubiquitous, the stuff of Coke cans and kitchen foil. But at the dawn of the twentieth century, it was regarded as a wonder metal: the material of the future. Lightweight and durable, it would be used in cutting-edge tech from aeroplanes and automobiles to spacecraft. In Switzerland in 1908, Ferdinand Sigg was a classic ‘early adopter’ of this incredible metal, deciding to build his fledgling manufacturing business around aluminium.

It proved a shrewd move. By 1958, the SIGG company was producing more than 10,000 household products, all made from aluminium. But it was the humble SIGG water bottle that would become a Swiss design icon. The Traveller bottle, with its distinctive silhouette and rugged yet lightweight build, proved a perfect companion for outdoor adventures and everyday life. 

It became the foundation of SIGG’s entire product range, which today encompasses everything from gym-ready sports bottles to leakproof lunchboxes and high-performance thermo flasks. And as we’ve all become more eco-conscious, so too has the Swiss brand, ensuring its products are free from harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalates, whilst also using recycled aluminium and plastics as well as bio-based renewable materials. Which will only make your beverage of choice – chilled water, hot coffee or anything else – taste even better. Now that’s refreshing, in every sense.

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