Rhodia pads are an icon of modern French design. Established in 1934 in Lyon by two paper-making brothers, the brand’s first notebooks immediately drew acclaim for their quality materials and striking orange covers. Today, Rhodia is still known for its exacting standards and timeless design, and the pads are still manufactured in France, just as they always have been.

The contemporary product range has expanded to include diaries, organisers and meeting books, which are the perfect way to organise your social life or your work life. Rhodia’s classic writing pads also remain a favourite among artists, designers and creatives. In fact, they’ll be appreciated by anyone who likes a little freedom on the page, since many of the notebooks employ Rhodia’s innovative dot matrix system. These are grey geometric dots spaced 5mm apart that provide a subtle guide for notes and sketches. The dots are invisible when xeroxed or scanned, yet give you the freedom of blank paper, without the obstructions of grid squares or lined paper. It’s the perfect way to let your imagination run riot across the page.

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