Platypus | Big Zip EVO

Platypus’ latest invention is perfect for the thirsty hiker, biker or backpacker – the Big Zip EVO delivers a significantly higher flow rate than previous Platypus models, meaning you won’t be struggling to gulp down enough water after that lung-busting ascent. As with all Platypus reservoirs, you’re guaranteed taste-free water, so no more sipping disgusting plastic tasting swill. We particularly love its leak-proof shut off valve, which means you won’t catch drips after a drink. The Big Zip EVO is super easy to fill too, with a secure slide lock that ensures no leaks. It also features a high mount, which means you won’t have to dig down in your pack to find your reservoir. The semi-rigid centre baffle means you don’t end up with a super bulky pouch uncomfortably pressing into your back, instead it sits neatly and comfortably within a pack. And the baffle makes it easy for cleaning and drying too, although thanks to embedded silver-ion technology the reservoir is highly resistant to mould and bacteria.

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