Friday Unbound: 7th December 2018

From over-crowded Instagram spots in New Zealand to adventure-ready doggos, this week's round-up of outdoor adventure detours is the dose of wanderlust you need before the weekend kickstarts

7th December 2018 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

#1 New Zealand's spectacular scenery is being 'Instacrammed', according to locals who are increasingly tired of tourists queuing up to get a popular shot of Roys Peak. More than 73,000 people undertook the three-hour hike last year to get a shot of them standing in supposed isolation amidst the surrounding beauty, conveniently cropping out the scores of people behind waiting to get the same photo. But what's the point in going if you can't put it on Insta?

#2 From one golden Instagram opportunity to another - skiing with your dog. If Fido's up for it, tearing down a snowy mountainside with your four-legged friend in tow is perhaps too good an experience to be true, right? This how-to guide from Outside Online breaks down the basics before you start dusting off the skis.

#3 If that didn't quite satisfy your quota for dogs living their best lives in the outdoors, this gallery from National Geographic should hit the spot. If you don't smile at this, all hope is lost, we're afraid.

#4 Zeke Lau has won the Vans World Cup at Sunset Beach, Hawaii. The favourite navigated 12-foot waves to secure pole position, which bumps him up to 12th on the WQS. If you have absolutely no idea how professional surfing works, the link also has some pretty epic images from the event, to stoke that wanderlust fire before you clock off for the weekend.

#5 #Vanlife has been having a moment for a few years now, and rightly so - but it's not your only option and certainly not your cheapest. Building a bed in the back of your car is going to open up the same opportunities as a campervan but with some added bonuses, as the team at Field Mag have laid out.

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