Friday Unbound: 6th July 2018

In this week's Friday Unbound round-up, the Himalayas are both now clear of climber's poop and an excellent place for a motorcycle trip, we learn lessons from an ultra-runner and Chris Burkard, and catch up on Ed Pratt's unicycle journey

6th July 2018 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

#1 Chris Burkard is one of the outdoor industry's most recognisable photographers; almost more recognisable than his work thanks to his Instagram presence, which currently boasts more than three million followers. Here, Outside examine what makes the man tick.

#2 You might not want to run 90 km across the French Alps, but you can almost certainly learn something from someone who has. Luckily, Fiona Outdoors spoke to a competitor at the Mont Blanc 90 km to find out the 17 lessons she learnt from it.

#3 We've been following Ed Pratt's round-the-world unicycle trip for a while now, and he's made his way through Asia to America - and now has a drone. Which he pilots while on a unicycle. We know, it's a pretty unique situation - enjoy.

#4 Nearly 30,000 lbs of human poop has been removed from Mount Everest. It's part of an effort to clear more than 70,000lbs of waste from the mountain's Base Camp and Camp II, of which 28,649 lbs was human excrement. It doesn't decompose naturally there so has to be removed and burnt. What a job.

#5 A motorcycle trip through the Himalayas sounds idyllic, doesn't it? Well, it is and it isn't. Don't get us wrong, this National Geographic video looks like one hell of an adventure but 'nail-biting' doesn't quite do it justice on those narrow mountain paths.

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