Friday Unbound: 12th October 2018

From California to Dartmoor, our weekly rundown of adventure stories preaches time in the outdoors for its own sake. This weekend, take that to heart and step out the door

12th October 2018 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

#1 As most of the content in this weekly round-up will testify, adventure doesn't need to be grand, exotic or complicated. In fact, it's often best when it's the opposite of all of those: simple, local and laidback. In this Field Mag piece, Carter Moore explores his local Californian landscape by driving between backcountry campsites and examining the nature of adventure along the way.

#2 Whether you're compiling an Instagram gallery or just preserving memories, outdoors photography has captured us all at some point. Getting that perfect image, though, is no mean feat - at least, it wasn't. The creative types over at The Great Break have put together this rundown of 10 steps to finetuning your outdoors camera work, no filters needed.

#3 We won't ruin the thought experiment for you but Alastair Humphreys has just annihilated your excuses for not skipping out on that microadventure. This Trail magazine piece is the wanderlust logic that you need to just pick up that backpack, lace on your boots and head out the door before winter closes in.

#4 Forget standing desks - these creative workspaces are designed to get you fit, and outdoors. From offices tailor-made for cycle commuters to bringing the natural environment indoors, this Outside magazine feature reveals the Stateside offices leading the way in an office revolution, and offers tips on how to improve your own deskspace.

#5 When did our hobbies stop being hobbies? Writing for the New York Times, author Tim Wu argues that our relentless pursuit of excellence is killing off amateur enjoyment, and it's a trend that we need to reverse. This weekend, try your hand at something new - yoga, rock climbing, playing the guitar, whatever. Just enjoy the simple pleasure of doing something for pleasure's sake.

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