Friday Unbound: 30th November 2018

This week, find some weekend inspiration in these outdoor adventure stories, from footage of the first ever summit of Lunag Ri to the kit Bear Grylls can't survive without

30th November 2018 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

#1 Alpinist David Lama made history last month by bagging Lunag Ri, a 22,600ft peak in the Himalayas that has defied all attempts to summit it previously. Lama himself failed to reach the summit on two previous climbs. This time, he undertook the climb on his own and often without ropes - though always with a video camera, so we can enjoy the ride in comfort.

#2 Lake Superior, Michigan, is a mish-mash of crashing waves and floating ice in winter. To most surfers, it's not exactly your dream location. But for Dan Schetter, it's the perfect place to find that amazing release that surfing brings - to free your mind from anything but the here and now.

#3 The Pilatus-Bahn in Switzerland covers only three miles from Alpnachstad to the summit of Pilatus Kulm but includes a maximum gradient of 25.6 degrees, or 48%. That's 48ft of ascent for every 100ft traversed. Which is kind of insane. But it also makes for a really great video, courtesy of National Geographic.

#4 A few weeks ago, we featured a story that Ben Lecomte was attempting to swim across the Pacific Ocean to highlight plastic pollution. Unfortunately, his support ship suffered irreparable damage in a storm and Lecomte has been forced to abandon the effort, though after 2,700km of swimming, which is still a remarkable achievement. It doesn't detract from the message of his journey, though: climate change is real and we need to deal with it. Now.

#5 Bear Grylls is an icon of British adventure, respected by millions of avid viewers and readers (speaking of which, here's his favourite jacket). Now, Outside Online have managed to track him down to find out the kit he relies upon on expeditions across the globe, when his trusty knife and bladder aren't quite enough.

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