Friday Unbound: 2nd November 2018

Wild, inhospitable but beautiful locations dominate this week's round-up of outdoor adventure stories, from the Faroe Islands to the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, all replete with stunning images and unforgettable tales

2nd November 2018 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

#1 Jenny Tough was the first female finisher of the 2018 Silk Road Mountain Race, a ludicrously difficult ultra-distance cycle race through the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. In this fascinating report for Apidura, she lays out the lessons she learnt the hardest way in this inhospitable terrain: "fix your own problems" and find strength in other people.

#2 Father and son bonding activities usually involve a quick round of golf or, if you're feeling particularly British, a trip to the pub. For Chris Lucas and his dad, a canoeing trip along the wild Yukon River was an experience that would draw them closer together; a journey full of risk and danger but one of profound beauty, too. It's yet another gem from Sidetracked and you can find more of their work on our Store right now.

#3 We often think of climate change as a problem to be solved by scientists and technological innovation, but recently scholars have been suggesting that art and storytellers need to lead the way, from Yuval Noah Harari to Amitav Ghosh in this enlightening interview (a tip of the hat to Tim at Gather Outdoors for sharing this one in his wonderful monthly email).

#4 Ben Tibbets, a photographer based in Chamonix, has produced some truly stunning and inspirational imagery in his career. Here, Lowe Alpine chat with Ben to get the details on some photos from his latest collection. We are not responsible for any one-way tickets bought as a result of reading this article.

#5 The Faroe Islands are some of the northernmost isles in Europe, stranded north-east of Scotland and regularly buffeted by extreme storms that rage across the northern seas. Still, they make an exciting destination for outdoor adventure if you're willing to brave the cold, as Thomas Hill and co. did for a wild bikepacking tour. You'll be rewarded, as they were, by views of the most breath-taking kind.

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