Friday Detours: 27th March 2020

We’re here to help you get through Covid-19 lockdown, with free adventure inspiration, Netflix’s best outdoor films and some cool virtual travel experiences

27th March 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

#1 Climbing and hillwalking ‘on hold’
The Covid-19 situation is changing fast. Just last week it was fine to go outdoors, provided you stayed safe and followed official advice. But now is not the time to head to the hills. You can still get out once a day for exercise, but otherwise, stay home, says the BMC

#2 Adventure stories with Anna McNuff
If you’re struggling to fill all your new downtime, adventurer Anna McNuff is here to help with a new series of weekly stories. If you don’t know Anna, check out our piece on ‘adventurous women to follow on Instagram’, which will tell you all you need to know (she’s #8 on the list).

#3 Read Al Humphreys’ new book, for free
We love Alastair Humphreys here at WildBounds. In fact, he was our person of the year back in 2017. Now, to help stave off boredom and inspire everyday adventures when all this is over, he’s giving away the Kindle edition of his new book, The Doorstep Mile, absolutely free. Download it from Amazon

#4 Best outdoor films and docs on Netflix
We’d all rather be out hiking, camping or trail running right now. But since we can’t, you might as well make the most of that Netflix subscription. These amazing adventure films will give you a much-needed essential outdoor fix, and might even make your ‘Continue watching’ suggestions look a little less trashy.

#5 Virtual trips for your bucket list
In last week’s Detours, we wondered whether vicarious travel was the next big thing in a post-lockdown world. Now, Lonely Planet’s virtual tours offer a new way to experience the wider world without leaving home. Always wanted to visit Machu Picchu or walk the Great Wall of China? Here’s your chance

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