Friday Detours: 20th March 2020

Why coronavirus shouldn’t stop us enjoying the great outdoors, plus dirtbag dinners, awe-inspiring nature pics, vicarious travel and the inside story of Free Solo - it's our weekly round-up of outdoor stories

20th March 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

#1 Coronavirus for climbers and hikers
So, when we got told we should ‘self-isolate’ and start practising ‘social distancing’ this week, our first question was, ‘can we still go outdoors’? Basically, the answer seems to be yes – just don’t be the guy taking up an ICU bed because you decided it would be a good time to follow Dave’s MacLeod’s line on Echo Wall. The BMC explains it all

#2 Dirtbag dinners
When you’re backpacking a long-distance trail, your food needs to be a) quick and easy, b) filling and calorific and c) light weight. Oh, and ideally cheap as chips too. In fact, cheaper than chips. In his latest video, Outdoors Magic editor Will Renwick gets all gourmet with porridge oats and super noodles. Prepare to feel slightly sick.

#3 The inside story of Alex Honnold’s Free Solo
You must have been living under a rock if you still haven’t seen Free Solo. In fact, even the rock probably would have told you about it. Alex Honnold’s friend and fellow climber Mark Synnott’s new book about the feat is as gripping and nail-biting as a thriller, says The Guardian

#4 Awe-inspiring nature shots from our national parks
From swooping ospreys to panoramic landscapes, this series of sumptuous images will blow you away – or perhaps inspire you to grab a camera and get out there yourself. They’re the winning pictures from a recent National Parks Photography Competition, selected from more than 1,700 entries. View the gallery

#5 Vicarious travel: the next big thing?
Most of us won’t be taking any trips for a while. Hey, at least all those grounded planes will be good for the planet. And if you do need a fix of faraway lands, Lonely Planet have collated their favourite travel videos from around the world.

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