Friday Unbound: 16th November 2018

Bikepacking in the Faroe Islands; hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail; backwoods fitness and the best cabin you'll ever see - this week's Friday Unbound round-up has everything you need for outdoors inspiration

16th November 2018 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

#1 Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is no easy feat - fortunately, what Akuna, a US Army Vet, needed was a challenge. He'd been struggling with PTSD since returning from tours in Iraq and long, arduous treks in the great outdoors provide the mental respite he sorely needed. This video is a powerful lesson in the restorative powers of time spent immersed in nature, not to mention an incredible human story.

#2 The fact that Norway has a stunning, awe-inspiring landscape is news to no-one, but we'll be damned if we ever get tired of staring at it. This drone and time-lapse video of its fjords, forests and dramatic coastline is a perfectly balanced dose of #wanderlust for your Friday afternoon.

#3 If you had a backcountry cabin, how would you design it? A question that, if you're anything like us, you'll have considered more than a few times - and we've just found the answer. A British boat-builder has crafted this idyllic cabin in the Teign Valley and The Field managed to get their hands on a few stunning images to make us all very, very jealous.

#4 The Faroe Islands - that iconic, utterly wild landscape isolated in the North Sea - are an unforgiving place to visit for the unprepared. When Chris McClean visited for Sidetracked, though, it was more than worth it for the experiences they had. With Sidetracked's hallmark combination of captivating writing and inspirational imagery, it's perfect reading to inspire you for the weekend ahead.

#5 Dumpster towing and beer yoga - interested? Kale Poland has a different view of fitness to most in the industry, one that eschews Lycra and electrolyte drinks in favour of hard graft in the great outdoors - and it works. His next challenge is the Deca Ironman - 10 Ironman triathlons in a row. If you haven't got time to hop across the Pond to Cleetus Fit, this report from Outside Online has all you need to know.

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