Friday Detours: 26th June 2020

The price of failure, adventure on film, the death of the digital camera, surfing funnies and a sobering look at what it might be like to go camping post-COVID.

26th June 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

#1 Norway or no way…
Sometimes it’s as important to read about failure as success. And what defines those things anyway? Is it more important to reach a destination, or to get everyone home again safely? Ian Finch’s account of a challenging expedition to Villmark in northern Norway ponders the same questions. 

#2 Free adventure films
The Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF) is an annual highlight of our cinema calendar. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, it wasn’t held this year. Fortunately, there’s still a wealth of eclectic films available online, for free. Festival Director Matt Heason recently compiled a list of favourites for the team over at UK Climbing.

#3 Camera obscurer?
As the smartphone market continues to grow, the digital camera market continues to shrink. This week, another death knell sounded as Japanese giant Olympus – the brand that, back in the '90s, were the leading manufacturers of digital compact cameras – announced that it will quit the division altogether.

#4 Sea lion vs surfer
An Australian photographer has managed to capture the incredible moment a sea lion clashed with a surfer, giving him a cheeky tap with its flipper. Reminds us of one of our favourite YouTube vids of all time.

#5 Is the outdoors about to be overrun?
Anybody who likes wild camping will be more than familiar with the concept of social distancing – we’ve been doing it for years. But it now looks like every man and his dog has suddenly got rather interested in camping here at home. Will there still be room for everyone in the great outdoors?

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