Friday Unbound: 12th April 2019

This week, watch a Hollywood survival masterclass from Bear Grylls and a short film showing how bicycles are empowering people in Bristol

12th April 2019 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

#1 A few weeks ago, Alex Honnold analysed infamous climbing scenes from Hollywood movies to see how realistic they were (spoiler: not very). Vanity Fair have recruited survival expert and serial urine drinker Bear Grylls to take a look at survival films, from Castaway to Everest, to judge whether the actors would have survived or not - it makes for pretty entertaining viewing.

#2 Instagram photos with #outdooradventure or #wanderlust can be great for inspiration, but it's often a medley of over-edited and obviously staged images, repeated by photographers and 'influencers'. Not clued in? Let Field Mag break it down for you in this hilarious Twitter thread.

#3 The guys at Field Mag aren't just joking on social media, though - their latest photo essay documents a lazy road trip through California, highlighting both the natural beauty and social disparity of the Western state. These raw, poignant images showcase the potential for outdoor adventure in this spectacular corner of the world, from surfing to hiking.

#4 This superb video from British rucksack brand Millican documents the Bristol Bike Project, a fantastic social enterprise scheme that provides disadvantaged people with bicycles, but only after they've learnt to build and repair them. It's a spotlight on a brilliant project but also an exploration of the freedom that travel on two wheels can bring.

#5 Protecting vulnerable environments from climate change is rarely simple but this Peruvian activist took things a step further - by suing a German utility company. This long read from The New York Times breaks down the case and why it's so important, including the very human stories from this small mountain community living in constant threat of flooding.

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