Hiking to Lake Schrecksee in Germany’s Allgäu Alps

A day hike to Lake Schrecksee, one of Germany's highest and most beautiful alpine lakes.

25th August 2016 | Words by Tom @ WildBounds HQ | Photos by André Alexander

Located in a high mountain valley, surrounded by stunning peaks 300 metres from the Austrian border, Lake Schrecksee is Germany’s highest alpine lake with an island.

Lake Schrecksee hike, Hinterstein
View from the village of Hinterstein, where the hike begins.

Get yourself to the village of Hinterstein in the Allgäu region, and park up in the parking area at the end of the village. Follow signs for Hinterbachhof. After fifteen minutes you will reach a bridge crossing with a small power station on your left. The trailhead is about 35 metres after the power house on the left. From there it is an uphill hike along the well-signposted trail to Lake Schrecksee.

Lake Schrecksee hike, path
The path through the valley leading to Lake Schrecksee.
Lake Schrecksee hike, private cabin
Private cabin near the lake, in the middle of rolling hills.
Lake Schrecksee hike, with island
Lake Schrecksee - Germany’s highest alpine lake with an island.
Lake Schrecksee hike
A nice spot sit down, relax, and enjoy the view.

We highly recommend you hike over to the saddle for breathtaking views over the lake and the high valley.

Lake Schrecksee hike, view towards high valley
View from the saddle over Lake Schrecksee and towards the high valley.

There is no shortage of hiking trails in the area. If the swim in the alpine lake has reinvigorated you, consider taking the long way down - via Rauhhorn (you will find signposts close to the lake). Although it will add 3 hours to your hike, the stunning views make it more than worth it.

Lake Schrecksee hike, view towards Rauhhorn
On the saddle looking out towards Rauhhorn.

Things to pack: Plenty of food (there are no cabins or lodges along the way), water and/or water purifier, and swimsuit.

Lake Schrecksee hike, view from path to Rauhhorn
View from the Rauhhorn path overlooking Lake Schrecksee.

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