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Reflective Guyline Kit | Pack of 6

Colour: Yellow

Don’t let that flysheet flap around

Snapped a guyline? Not happy with the pitching performance of your current setup? Time for an upgrade. Sierra Design's Reflective Guyline Kit is a set of six guylines and runners, pre-threaded for maximum convenience. The high-strength nylon has minimal stretch and water absorption to ensure consistent performance, and the cord is also highly reflective so you’re less likely to trip over them in the middle of the night. Plastic locking cleats ensure simple, knot-free tensioning. Each line measures 132 cm (52 inch).

    • 6 x 2mm reflective guylines with plastic locking cleats
    • Constructed from high-strength 72” (183cm) nylon cord
    • Minimal stretch and water absorption for consistent performance
    • UV resistant for long life
    • Entire kit weighs just 28.8g
    • Weight (each): 4.8 g
    • Length (each): 132.1 cm (52 inch)
  • Maybe it’s no wonder that the state of California has been the cradle for so many great American outdoor brands. Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra Nevada mountains, and encompassing no less than nine US National Parks, the Golden State has long been a mecca for outdoor adventurers of every ilk. Sierra Designs is a case in point. California was the natural place for the brand’s co-founders, a pair of young outdoor aficionados named George Marks and Bob Swanson, to set up shop.

    They first met in late 1963 at while working at The Ski Hut in Berkeley, CA. Two years later, Sierra Designs was born. Today, the brand continues to create outdoor equipment and apparel that is functional, beautiful, and most importantly, attainable, enabling outdoor lovers throughout the USA and beyond to hit the trail and fill their souls with a sense of wanderlust.


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