GSI Outdoors

Folding Foon

Colour: Orange

Genius fork + spoon super-utensil

Some call it a spork, but GSI call their version a foon. Either way, this amazing little utensil will do the job whether you’re slurping noodles or spooning pork and beans. Its clever folding form with a locking wire handle means it goes from an extended length of 6.1 inches in use to less than 3.7 inches for storage. It’s so compact that it’ll easily slip into a rucksack pocket, nest inside your cookset, or even fit in that little indentation under a fuel canister. And, since it tips the scales at a miniscule 17 g, there’s no excuse not to carry it everywhere – or at least, anywhere there’s a chance of a decent meal

    • Functions as both a fork and spoon
    • Clever folding design packs down to just 3.7" long, but extends and locks to become a 6.1" utensil
    • Fits neatly under a fuel canister
    • Rugged plastic bowl and stainless-steel handle
    • Dimensions: 94 x 43 x 15 mm
    • Weight: 15.4 g
    • Material: Acetal, Stainless Steel
  • Sustainability Through Longevity - GSI Outdoors products are built to last and are covered by a Lifetime Warranty against material and workmanship defects

  • The best outdoor gear is stuff that solves a problem – like how to cook on the trail, in all weather. And if a piece of kit solves a particular problem in a unique and effective way, then all the better. GSI Outdoors is a US brand that understands this intimately. It embodies their entire approach to manufacturing outdoor gear. In fact, the clue is even in the name: those three initials, GSI, stand for Gear Solutions and Innovations.

    Established back in 1985 and now based in Spokane, Washington, in the heart of the rugged Pacific Northwest, the company is still family-owned. But its passion for great food in the great outdoors is unwavering, even after three decades. The result is a superb range of lightweight cooking equipment designed for backpackers and wild campers. Because nothing sustains your adventures like a hot meal. Besides, as we all know, food always tastes better when cooked and eaten outside.

Use it in my backpacking stove. Small and light

-Chris, Verified Buyer


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