CoolNet UV

Colour: Solid Night Blue
Solid Night Blue

A BUFF built for sweltering summers

If you’re spending a lot of time in the great outdoors, especially in hot climates, it’s wise to take shelter from the sun. BUFF’s CoolNet UV has an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating of 50+, offering outstanding protection from exposure to harmful UV rays. The evaporative cooling fabric is also designed to keep you comfortable in the most arid and arduous conditions. It’s the perfect accessory for summer trekking, made of 95% recycled polyester microfibre. The brand’s 4-way Ultra-Stretch weave and seamless construction gives you multiple ways to wear your BUFF, each with a perfect fit

    • UPF rating of 50+ provides outstanding protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays
    • Made from 95% recycled polyester microfibre with seamless construction and 4-way stretch for a perfect fit
    • Evaporative cooling fabric is designed to keep your comfortable throughout the day
    • Wear it in multiple ways: as a scarf, headband, headscarf or bandana
    • Care Instructions: Machine wash
    • Measures: 22.7 x 53 cm
    • Weight: 40 g
    • Climate: Hot
  • BUFF How to Wear Guide

    • Corporate Social Responsibility/Certifications - BUFF has committed to manage the company in a sustainable way by establishing an Ethical and CSR Management System SGE21. The SGE21 Certificate is an international reference standard whose objective is to encourage the integration of environmental, social and good governance practices on companies' management
    • Environmental Initiatives - BUFF actively participate in eco projects for the preservation of nature; from local initiatives to international projects organised by the European Outdoor Conservation Association. 
    • Ethically Sourced Materials - Made from recycled materials: 95% recycled polyester microfiber. BUFF's goal is to protect what they love. Nature, people and the environment. BUFF® is a proud member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition
    • Local Manufacturing - BUFF work every day to improve the well-being of their workers and they are continuously expanding their network of local suppliers. Their final goal is a more sustainable production
  • Anyone who’s ever finished an outdoor adventure race of any stripe, from trail running and obstacle racing to mountain biking, will have encountered BUFF, or at least a knock-off version of their iconic neck tube. The ubiquity of that versatile design within the adventure world is perhaps the biggest compliment to BUFFs meteoric success. That fusion of a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric and a stretchy, shape-shifting design is perfect for high-octane events and morning dog walks alike.

    It’s not the extent of BUFF’s innovation, though. Since their founding in Spain over 20 years ago, BUFF have experimented with different fabrics and reimagined classic designs to produce a range of exceptional quality headwear. Every item that BUFF create is designed to maximise comfort while on the move - in other words, the perfect addition to any everyday adventurer’s wardrobe.

Very happy with the design and fabric is warm and soft on my skin.

-Nicollete A., Verified Buyer


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