Snow Peak | Aurora Bottle

Somewhere in our collection of outdoor gear, we’ve still got a very old and battered stainless steel water bottle, with scratches and scuffs from multiple adventures. It’s hard to part with such a long-serving bit of kit, but if we’re honest, that bottle is now more dent than anything else, it’s kinda heavy, and the cap leaks too. The Aurora Bottle from Snow Peak is a worthy upgrade, machined from a single sheet of titanium to ensure it is lightweight and strong, with a perfect sheen. We don’t know if a water bottle can be sexy, but we sure feel strangely attracted to this one. It has a generous 800ml capacity and a one-piece lid with an integrated, easy-grab handle. Best of all, the bottom is made from a robust disc of solid titanium, so that – unlike our old water bottle – it won’t dent even when dropped

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