Primus | Firestick Stove

When it comes to backpacking, lighter is almost always better. Saving as much weight as possible across all your kit means a lighter load on your back, helping you to go faster and further. The problem is that a lot of ultralight gear often feels delicate and flimsy. Primus’ Firestick Stove is different – it’s a streamlined and ultra-packable screw-in gas stove with an included storage pouch and Piezo igniter. But it’s also robust, with cleverly-designed, sturdy pot supports that fold up to encase and protect the burner head when packed away. Despite its modest size, the 2500W burner can boil a litre of water in four and a half minutes, and this stove also has great simmer control for gourmet camp cooking (so you can knock up more than just noodles). And if you’re a truly dedicated ultralighter, go for the titanium (Ti) version.

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