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If you’re a fast hiker planning an extended trip or a long-distance backpacker who is committed to cutting every ounce possible from your pack, you’ll be understandably reluctant to carry a big, bulky torch. Even most high-quality headlamps have a weight penalty. But at the same time, it’s never a good idea to skimp on lumens. After all, in the back of beyond you’re likely to need plenty of illumination – unless you’re prepared to rely on moonlight alone, of course, or the power of your own night vision. With the Zipka headlamp, there’s no need to compromise. Simple and ultra-compact, it’ll emit up to 300 lumens of brightness. Yet it weighs just 66g. The minimalist self-adjusting retractable cord saves grams but adds versatility, making it easy to attach to a pack strap or a tent pole as well as your head. A phosphorescent reflector helps you find it in the dark, and the red light mode is ideal for low-key lighting. Like most of Petzl’s current compact headlamps, the Zipka is also compatible with the brand’s Core rechargeable battery, ideal for those who don’t want to rely on AAAs

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