Artilect | Divide Fusion Stretch Jackets

A good down puffer is an outdoor essential, providing a welcome boost of instant warmth whenever things turn chilly. The problem is that warmth almost always comes with unwelcome bulk, since all those cosy clusters of down need to be housed in multiple layers of tightly-woven fabric. In turn, this impacts freedom of movement and reduces the body’s natural ability to regulate its temperature. Basically, you can’t move freely, and you get hot and sweaty. Which is why, after a while, all down gear starts to smell a little funky. Artilect’s Divide Fusion Stretch is a different. Packing active-dry down into stretch woven baffles, along with zoned panels of Lavalan European Wool insulation, it’s a hybrid puffer that fits like an extension of your own body, with mechanical stretch fabrics, targeted thermoregulation, active moisture management and anti-odour properties. Divide and conquer

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