Friday Unbound: 7th September 2018

Our Friday Unbound round-up for this week trots the globe from summiting hills on Skye to surfing ludicrous waves in Bali - it's the perfect dose of outdoor adventure to remedy your Friday wanderlust

7th September 2018 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

#1 An eight-hour train journey from the Lake District to Skye just to stand for an hour in the clouds might seem like a waste of time to some; Millican's own Jeffrey Bowman isn't convinced it was worth his time. But one look at the stunning scenery in this photo story has us captured, at least.

#2 In the early 20th century, before running became the giant sport that it is today, elite marathon runners behaved a little differently. Specifically, they drank champagne as an energy drink partway through the 1908 London Marathon. Not only that, they mixed their bubbly with strychnine, best known these days as rat poison. We reckon Mo's missing a trick.

#3 Teaching kids to appreciate the outdoors seems like a no-brainer but not enough schools actually schedule time for outdoor activity. This remote village in Alaska, though, is changing all of that. They introduce their pupils to fishing, berry-picking and how the indigenous Yupik survive the harsh winter. Outside Online have got it spot on here.

#4 This dog stole a GoPro and the footage is utterly fantastic. If you've not already seen it doing the rounds on Twitter, check it out here.

#5 This wave ride at Uluwatu, Bali genuinely needs to be seen to be believed. For the entirety of this 01:20 video on Adventure Journal, an unknown rider surfs what's being called the longest ride there in more than 20 years.

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