Friday Unbound: 22nd June 2018

Our inaugural Friday Unbound roundup sees two British women attempting world records, two bored guys motorcycle to Budapest and back, and Trakke guide us through the best whisky distilleries in Scotland (there's a lot)

22nd June 2018 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

#1 In 2013, Ben Saunders followed in the footsteps of polar explorers Sir Ernest Shackleton and Captain Robert Scott as he walked from the Antarctic Coast to the South Pole and back. Since then, he's revisited the Antarctic a number of times, and become Britain's foremost modern polar adventurer. This chat through his monumental exploits is enlightening and riveting.

#2 For some people, climbing one Munro is enough. For others, bagging ten or more is one hell of an achievement. For Emily Scott, she'll bag all 282 in a record time, completely self-powered. Which, frankly, is ridiculous. To get an idea of what she has in store, check out this account of tackling the infamous In Pinn on Skye.

#3 Filmed on 16mm film scans, this short film charts the journey of two guys motorcycling to Budapest and back, and the where's, who's and why's. Where they got the idea from, who they met along the way, and why on earth they decided to do it. It's fascinating.

#4 As we write this, Jenny Graham is approaching Moscow from the West, preparing to pass straight through and continue through Russia to Upper Mongolia. You see, she's attempting to cycle round the world in record speed, covering over 180 miles a day. By the time you read this, she'll be even closer to her goal - and you can track the whole thing live here.

#5 Scotland's known for more than a few things - astounding scenery, Ceilidh dancing and deep fried Mars bars, to name a few - but scotch whisky has to be one of their greatest national prides. Here, Trakke guide us through the six distinct whisky regions of Scotland, each with its own character and flavour profile. Road trip, anyone?

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