Friday Detours: 18th September 2020

The best outdoor and lifestyle news and inspiration from across the web. This week: monster waves in Portugal and monster hill climbs on the Tour de France, plus interviews with outdoor photographer Alex Strohl and champion fellrunner Ricky Lightfoot. Oh, and a climbing unicorn.

18th August 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

#1 The future of photography
Alex Strohl is one of the outdoors world’s most influential photographers. Here’s his take on the future of the industry, including the end of Instagram, supporting women photographers and how to land clients in the pandemic.

#2 King of the hill
Ever wondered what drives people to run up and down mountains? Champion fellrunner Ricky Lightfoot reveals all, including the secrets of his fellrunning success (hint: it involves 30-mile, 4am training runs in the Lake District).

#3 Meet the Tour de France’s toughest new hill climb
A new addition to the 2020 Tour, the Col de la Loze will debut at stage 17 of this year’s race. And it’s an absolute monster, as Strava reveals: an hour of climbing, 21.5km with an eight per cent average gradient, and some 2,300 metres of ascent. It's so high up that there's a ski resort at the top (pictured above).

#4 Brazilian surfer rides the year’s biggest wave
It’s the biggest wave anyone has caught this year. Watch the incredible moment Maya Gabeira breaks her own world record for the largest wave surfed by a woman after riding a 73.5 foot wave at Praia do Norte in Portugal.

#5 Instagram’s climbing unicorn
Lastly, here’s a video of a climbing unicorn that was doing the rounds on Insta this week. Need we say more?

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