Friday Detours: 11th September 2020

The best outdoor and lifestyle news and inspiration from across the web. This week: the fastest ever self-supported Wainwright round, Scotland’s spookiest caves, stunning wildlife pics, a futuristic forest cabin and the ocean origins of our tides

11th August 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

#1 Whipping round the Wainwrights
British adventurer James Michael Forrest has completed the fastest-ever self-supported Wainwright round, bagging all 214 Lake District fells in a blisteringly fast time of 14 days and 11hrs. The round involves walking a total distance of 525km and 36,000m of ascent. Not bad!

#2 The most haunted caves in Scotland
Check out these five spooky Scottish caves, each imbued with eerie tales of mystery and adventure. A road trip to visit each one would make an awesome adventure – if you’re brave enough…

#3 Jaw-dropping wildlife shots
We love stunning photography here at WildBounds, which is why we always get excited when the shortlist for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year is unveiled. Check out this teaser showcasing the highly commended entries – the winners are announced next month. 

#4 Forest cabins of the future?
Check out the Gaudi-esque Ashen cabin in upstate New York – a futuristic structure part-made from 3D-printed concrete elements, with timber salvaged from local wood destroyed by the Emerald Ash Borer Beetle. 

#5 Thought waves
You probably know that tides are caused by the Moon. But exactly where and how are they generated? Surfer William Thompson offers some crucial insights into one of Earth’s most powerful natural forces. It might just help when you go down to the sea again.

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