Detours: 1st August 2016

Why Iceland + Kitesurfing Cabarete + Five Easy Alpine Peaks + Making Friend at the Campground

Why Iceland, SUP, Paddlebording
Why Iceland
If there is a destination that should be in your bucket list, this is Iceland. -- vimeo/bcnDRone
First Steps, Five Easy Alpine Peaks
First Steps: 5 Easy Alpine Peaks
Chamonix-based Mountain Guide Tim Blakemore suggests five alpine peaks suitable for a first trip to the Alps. -- Climb Britain/The BMC

Kitesurfing Cabarete
Spot Guide: Cabarete
Kitesurf in the Caribbean Watersports Mecca. -- Wake Up Stoked
Make Friends At The Campground
12 Ways To Make Friends At The Campground
It’s summer. Which means it’s camping season. Which means you’ve got a great opportunity to get into nature and meet new friends -- SEMI-RAD

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