Top 10 Bouldering Videos

Call it inspiration or call it procrastination - either way, it’s damned good viewing.

21st February 2018 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

For the past month, we’ve been fixated on bouldering with our inaugural Boulduary campaign. Chalk buckets, overhangs, crash pads, crimping; you name it, we’ve been waxing lyrical about it in an effort to get as many people to their local wall as possible. It’s not just us, either - we’ve been inspired by some truly epic bouldering videos appearing across the web, from climbing in Wales to climbing around tables. We’ve been sharing these with you in our #DailyDetour but now we’ve collated the highlights right here for a rundown of the greatest bouldering content around. Once you’ve watched them, here’s some advice that you can take or leave - turn off the screen and head to the rocks yourself. Each one of these videos - with all their problems solved, routes set and, most of all, fun had - was created by someone actually out there climbing, with chalk on their hands and wind in their faces. Go and join them.

Spacer Soul Resolution - An Irish Bouldering Film

From start to finish, this short film on bouldering in Ireland is packed with cheeky humour, great climbing and astonishing scenery.

North Wales Bouldering: Girls Crush

The bouldering problems in this highlights reel are almost as badass as the girls conquering them. Some great scenic shots of mountains in North Wales interspersed in, too.

Tonde Katiyo Route Setting Workshop

Ever wonder how the routes on a bouldering wall get fixed? This behind the scenes video unearths the methodology behind setting a route, from master setter Tonde Katiyo.

Northern Border - Northumberland Bouldering

In the crisp winter air, Northumberland's sandstone boulders are truly world class, proving you don't need to search abroad for gritty, challenging bouldering problems.

Wild Lines: Fontainebleau

Three British climbers ascend to bouldering heaven - aka Fontainebleau in France - to test their limits, eat a shedload of cheese and have fun. It's what bouldering is all about.

Home - Cornwall Bouldering

The coastal cliffs of Cornwall house some technical and exciting bouldering problems, if you can find them amongst the salt-sprayed rocks.

Bristol Bouldering Championships

In need of some bouldering inspiration? These highlights from the 2017 Bristol Bouldering Championships should do the trick, as much for the camaraderie as the climbing.

A Wet Day of Bouldering in Bor, Czech Republic

In search of new bouldering pastures, these climbers journeyed into rural Czech Republic, uncovering idyllic routes amidst pine forests laden with fog.

Vilafames Bouldering, Castellon, Spain

Pine forests, red sandstone boulders, a warm summer sun - it's no wonder Castello in Spain is such a hotspot for European boulderers. Time to change your holiday plans.

Top 10 Tips For Beginner Boulderers

From London's The Arch climbing centre, the guys at Bouldering Bobat break down the most essential tips for nailing bouldering technique.

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