Top 10: The Best Outdoor Adventure Kit This Summer

Crack open a cold one and stoke the barbecue - summer's here. To help you make the most of the warm weather, we've rounded up the very best outdoor kit for summer adventures, from epic tree tents to handmade griddle plates. See you out there.

18th July 2019 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

Tentsile's Connect tree tent
Tentsile's epic tree tents can be pitched anywhere there's trees | Credit: Nate Wyeth

Tentsile Connect Tree Tent


Whether you’re pitching up in the garden or far from home, Tentsile’s innovative tree tents elevate camping to a whole new level - literally. Suspended by thick webbing tightened with ratchets, the Connect is a sturdy tent that can be pitched a few feet above the ground, in the canopies or above streams - frankly, anywhere there’s trees to support it. The beauty of the design is the tree tent immerses you in nature for a truly unique camping experience. With fold-away doors and a removable rain fly, it’s also perfect for stargazing on clear summer nights.

The Chapa Griddle Plate in action
The Chapa Griddle Plate is perfect for upgrading your barbecue

Netherton Foundry 15" Chapa Griddle Plate


If you’re not cooking outdoors in the warm weather, you’re missing a trick. And if you are but you’re just barbecuing, it’s time for a significant upgrade: the Black Iron 15” Chapa Griddle Plate from British brand Netherton Foundry. Forged in rural Shropshire using traditional tools and techniques, it’s designed to stand above an open fire for frying meat in the style of Argentinian gauchos, though it’ll work just as well for eggs and pancakes, too. The legs are easily detached without the use of tools, both for and for use on the hob. Though your best option by far is to stoke the fire pit, crack open a cold one and wait for that sizzle as the steak hits the metal.

The Ellis pocketknife from The James Brand
The Ellis pocketknife is designed for solving everyday problems

The James Brand The Ellis


Getting stuck in is what summer is all about, from trekking into the great outdoors to nailing those little DIY jobs around the house. Don’t let yourself get caught out without the right tool for the job - invariably, that tool is the Ellis pocketknife from The James Brand. With a stainless steel blade with a partially serrated edge, a screwdriver-bottle opener combo tool, a pry bar and a loop for your keyring, it’s packing maximum function into a sleek, minimalist design. So whatever your summer adventures involve - setting up camp, fixing bikes, fishing or damn-near-anything’ing - the Ellis is the tool you want by your side.

The iconic Bushbox camping stove
The Bushbox allows you to enjoy an open fire without damaging the environment

Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox LF


When you go camping, particularly in the warmer weather, you want to build a fire - it’s a cathartic experience that makes for a brilliant long evening in the great outdoors. The thing is, it’s pretty irresponsible in many places and can damage the environment. That’s why German designers Bushcraft Essentials invented the Bushbox, inspired by the classic ‘hobo stove’ craze - you can build a small fire inside both for cooking and for pleasure, and it folds up to slot neatly in your rucksack without taking up loads of room. So whether you’re toasting marshmallows or just warming your hands, this neat little stove will boost your camping experience.

The Classic Line Treewear Set from GIBBON
A slackline is the perfect partner for long summmer afternoons in the park

GIBBON Classic Line Treewear Set


Despite what you might have seen on YouTube, slacklining isn’t all about death-defying feats suspended above wave-beaten cliffs or between skyscrapers - in fact, you’re far more likely to see one pitched up in your local park. This classic line from industry-leaders GIBBON features a grippy print along its entire length and is less elastic than some other models, making it more stable for beginners to find their feet. That’s not to say it’s easy - expect to spend more time windmilling your arms for balance than popping tricks. With the sun overhead and a cooler full of drinks close to hand, there’s no better way to spend an afternoon.

Belmez Bouldering Came First Hoodie
This comfortable hoodie is perfect for early morning sessions at the rockface

Belmez Bouldering Came First Hoodie


True, you'll be hoping not to wear anything more than shorts and a tee throughout summer but, come on, this is the UK - packing an extra layer is what we do. Hailing from the graffiti-tagged backstreets of Madrid, bouldering brand Belmez combine bold prints with comfy fabrics, resulting in exceptional climbing gear. This hoodie is perfect for early morning jaunts to the bouldering wall, late night campfires and flying to your holiday destination.

VSSL Camp Supplies in action
The Camp Supplies is packed with survival essentials

VSSL Camp Supplies


Heading into the great outdoors this summer? From microadventures or bikepacking, taking a Camp Supplies from Canadian brand VSSL with you is well worth your time. It’s packed with survival essentials, from fire-lighting materials and a basic fishing kit to a wiresaw and water purification tablets. So whether you find yourself in an emergency or just want to hone your survival skills, you’ll be armed with everything you need, all contained in a sleek aluminium tube that doubles as high-powered LED torch. Designed in the Canadian wilderness, it’s perfect for summer adventures, however wild they may be.

The copper tumbler from United By Blue
These pristine copper tumblers from United By Blue are perfect for summer drinks

United By Blue Copper Tumbler


Crafted from high-quality copper and finished with a tarnish-reducing lacquer, this tumbler from United By Blue is perfect for summer tipples for a couple of reasons. For one, each purchase from this American brand results in one pound of rubbish being removed the ocean, which is definitely something you can toast. Secondly, the bright copper - engraved with inspirational slogans and motifs - looks fantastic reflecting firelight and sunsets, making it perfect for those long summer evenings. We’ll drink to that.

Skinners Sock Shoes
Skinners Sock Shoes are designed for exploring everywhere and anywhere

Skinners Sock Shoes


These hybrid sock shoes were the most funded footwear project in crowdfunding history and the hype only increases when you actually put them on. With a durable, waterproof sole that flexes with your movement yet still protects from sharp objects and cold ground, they’re perfect strolling around camp, slacklining, climbing, working out in the gym, and, frankly, damn near anything else you want to do. And with anti-odour properties, they’ll keep up with your adventures all summer long.

Gloryfy Unbreakable sunglasses
Unbreakable sunglasses, for a high-octane summer

Gloryfy Unbreakable Gi2 DeJaVu


That’s not a typo: unbreakable, Well, unless you actually set out on a mission to destroy them - these things have had a Red Bull stunt plane directly on them and survive, so we reckon yours will last the summer, whether you’re heading abroad on holiday or climbing a rock face. Sunglasses are the great casualty of summer sun, being sat on, washed away in the surf and squashed in rucksacks - no more.

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