Swift RL (1100 Lumens)

Colour: Orange

Ultra-bright, rechargeable headlamp with reactive light mode

With much outdoor kit, technical users are basically looking for one thing: maximum performance for minimum weight. The Swift RL has been meticulously engineered with just this in mind. Updated for 2024, this headlamp is now capable of putting out a dazzling 1100 lumens of brightness, in a compact package that weighs just 100g. This makes it the ideal choice for the most rigorous outdoor users on challenging fast and light missions. This lamp is also equipped with reactive lighting technology, which senses ambient light in your environment and automatically adjusts the beam brightness accordingly. Meanwhile, the Swift RL’s two-part construction provides excellent stability in dynamic and intense activities from mountaineering to trail running. The intuitive single button offers easy control of all lamp functions. It is rechargeable too, with a five-level gauge for precise monitoring of the remaining battery charge

    • Extremely bright and lightweight, with a max output of 1100 lumens and an overall weight of only 100g
    • Longer burn time with reactive lighting mode, which allows the light sensor to automatically adjust brightness and beam pattern, optimising battery usage
    • Enhanced visual comfort thanks to the mixed beam providing high-performance lighting for outdoor activities: proximity vision, movement and distance vision
    • Comfortable fit, thanks to the ergonomic adjustable headband with patented two-part construction (Petzl patent) for optimal stability during dynamic activities
    • Reflective headband for night visibility, which is also detachable and washable
    • Lithium-Ion 2350 mAh battery, rechargeable via upgraded USB-C port, with battery charge indicator
    • Easy to use single button controls all functions: ON/OFF, lighting modes, brightness and locking
    • Choice of two lighting modes, selected with a long hold: reactive or standard lighting
    • Lock function to avoid accidentally turning on the lamp during transit or storage, or to lock lighting settings during your activity
    • Five-level gauge for precise monitoring of the battery charge level
    • Headlamp can be tilted upward to see ahead when worn around the neck
    • Brightness: 1100 lumens (ANSI FL 1 STANDARD)
    • Weight: 100 g
    • Beam pattern: Mixed (wide and focused)
    • Energy: Lithium-ion 2350 mAh battery (included), rechargeable with micro USB-C port
    • Charging time: 5 h
    • Watertightness: IPX4 (weather-resistant)
  • Lighting performance as defined by the ANSI/PLATO FL 1 protocol
    Lighting Technology Lighting Color Lighting Levels Brightness Distance Burn Time Reserve Lighting
    REACTIVE LIGHTING® White Max Burn Time 18 to 100 lm 35 10 to 70 h 10 lm for 2 h
    Standard 25 to 275 lm 75 7 to 45 h
    Max Power 30 to 1100 lm 155 2 to 35 h
    Standard Lighting Max Burn Time 10 lm 12 100 h
    Standard 160 lm 50 7 h
    Max Power 700 lm 115 2 h
    Red Continuous 3 lm 5 60 h -
    Strobe Visible at 150 m for 300 h
    • Made in Europe - this headlamp was made in Hungary
    • Supports Eco Initiatives - The Petzl Foundation supports non-profit organizations whose role is to discover and protect biodiversity on cliffs, in caves and in mountain range
  • As a brand, Petzl was born in the darkness. Their story began with founder Fernand Petzl’s passion for caving, back in the mid-1930s. Out of that passion, Petzl started to design innovative solutions for ascending, descending, belaying and moving about underground. This included pioneering headlamps and rope safety equipment. But alpinists soon discovered that what worked below the earth also worked above it, and Petzl kit was quickly co-opted by climbers, mountaineers and skiers.

    Today, Petzl remains one of the leading technical brands in all these fields, still devoted to one mission: to access the inaccessible. The product range is split into two core categories: lighting – which includes some of the world’s most advanced head torches; and verticality – highly technical equipment designed for those venturing into the world’s loftiest mountain ranges as well as the globe’s deepest, darkest places.

  • Tips for protecting your Petzl headlamp

Brightest setting is exceptional and battery lasts a long time.

-KJ, Verified Buyer


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