Nordic Pocket Saw

Nordic Pocket Saw

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Put incredible cutting power in your pocket

Ever wished you had a chainsaw to hand when processing firewood for your campfire? The problem is that even the lightest electric or petrol chainsaws are pretty bulky and require fuel or power too – not the most practical solution for lightweight trips. But the Nordic Pocket Saw is a highly packable and efficient hand-powered chainsaw that will stow easily in your pack or on your belt. You could also keep it in the boot of your truck or in the frame bag of your mountain bike. After all, you never know when you might need to clear a fallen tree from the trail. Easy to use and maintain, the Nordic Pocket Saw is an essential companion for outdoor adventures that puts incredible cutting power in your pocket.

    • A lightweight, packable companion for your outdoor adventures that puts incredible cutting power in your pocket
    • Features 33 bi-directional teeth on every major link for effective and effortless cutting in both directions
    • 65cm chain made from heat-treated high carbon steel
    • Heavy duty nylon handles are extremely durable and give a comfortable and safe grip even when wet
    • Carry case can be worn on your belt for easy access or stowed away in your backpack
    • Multi-award-winning design, featured in National Geographic Gift Guide 2016, Outdoor Industry Awards 2018, Scandinavian Outdoor Awards 2018, Ich Liebe Berge Award 2018
    • Lab-tested for strength by Karlstad University in Sweden, which demonstrated that this saw can withstand a force 20 times stronger than human power
    • Easy to maintain
  • Nordic Pocket Saw overview
    • Chain: heat treated high carbon steel
    • Handles: heavy duty nylon
    • Weight: 132 g
    • Chain length: 65 cm
    • Number of links with cutter teeth: 33
    • Case: nylon
    • Case weight: 48 g
    • Case Dimensions: 11.9 x 10.7 x 3 cm
  • To maximize the lifetime of your Nordic Pocket Saw be sure to always keep the chain clean, lubricate it with chainsaw oil and sharpen it with a 4mm round file.

  • For years, major tool brands have tried to combine the cutting power of a chainsaw with the portability of a pocket saw. It makes sense – such a useful little gadget would undoubtedly end up on the belt or in the pack of almost every outdoorsman or woman.

    But sometimes, it takes the passion and knowledge of genuine outdoors folk to find the solution. That’s exactly what the guys behind Nordic Pocket Saw are – two outdoorsy friends who saw an opportunity to design and manufacture a quality product that would be genuinely useful.

    What they came up with is pretty impressive. The Nordic Pocket Saw is a sub-150g tool that packs away into a small carry pouch. But it punches way above its weight, with raw cutting power that means it can saw through branches and logs with ease.

It's a seriously good saw!

Steven W., Verified Buyer


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