Some say that brewing great-tasting coffee is an art. Cult Japanese brand Hario disagree. Coffee brewing isn’t an art – it’s a science. It’s appropriate, then, that the company was initially founded in 1921 to produce laboratory glassware, from beakers and boiling flasks to petri dishes and test tubes.

The brand never lost that obsession with precision and accuracy, even as their product range widened to household goods, starting in 1948 with a coffee syphon. But it was in 2005, as the global coffee revolution took hold, that they really revolutionised coffee brewing, with the V60 pour-over coffee dripper.

Today, the V60 is adored, even revered, by top baristas as one of the purest coffee brewing methods around. It’s a deceptively simple but meticulously engineered design, consisting of a conical dripper with spiral inner grooves. The name comes from its characteristic V-shape and the 60° angle of its cone. This offers a superb extraction from almost any grind or roast, with unparalleled aroma and flavour. And once you’ve nailed the method, you can guarantee a cup of artisan-quality coffee wherever you are – at home, while travelling or even on the trail.

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