Filson | Jac-Shirt

When it comes to outdoor wear, there’s no greater yardstick than the test of time. Given that Filson’s Jac-Shirt has now been around for some fifty years, we’d say it’s proved its worth. Sitting somewhere between a heavy shirt or overshirt and a light jacket, it’s a versatile and multi-purpose layer designed for frigid camping and canoeing trips – though it’ll work just as well for braving frozen city streets too. Made from 100% virgin wool sewn in Filson’s Seattle factory, this shirt is warm, breathable, wind resistant and extremely durable. The lanolin in the wool also means it is naturally water-resistant, while staying warm even if it gets wet. In fact, in many ways, wool was nature’s first performance fabric. So, you can keep your polyester fleeces and stretch-woven soft shells – we’d far rather wear this rugged, authentic piece of all-American outdoor heritage

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