Cotopaxi | Bataan 3L Hip Pack | Del Día

In case you haven't heard, bum bags are back. No longer teamed with mushroom haircuts and Global Hypercolor t-shirts, these days a ‘waist pack’ is the carry accessory of choice for the discerning lightweight hiker or city-breaker. And the Bataan from Cotopaxi is one of the best – not least because its colourful patchwork design reminds us of the bum bag’s early 90s heyday. In fact, each Bataan is stitched together out of left-over material from other companies’ much larger production runs – keeping a whole lot of high-quality ripstop nylon out of landfill and also making each one unique. With internal mesh pockets to keep your stuff organised, the 3L Bataan is just the right size for your daily essentials, while a comfortable and adjustable webbing belt lets you wear it front, back or even over the shoulder.

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