Friday Unbound: 1st March 2019

Before you clock off this weekend, check out this line-up of inspirational stories from the world of outdoor adventure, including a running pub and why your kids need more time outside

1st March 2019 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

#1 In an act of pure marketing genius, New Balance and Strava have partnered to open a bar in London where you can exchange miles-run for pints. Runners entering one of the pair's spring challenges (in the build up to a marathon) will receive a Runaway Card on their phone, which syncs with Strava to log how many miles you've run. These can then be used to buy a 'recovery' drink. Being shepherded into a bar after time spent running outside - we'll drink to that.

#2 For most people, SUP'ing is a fun way to spend a sunny afternoon - not a mode of transport for weeks on end through notoriously choppy waters. That, though, is exactly the adventure that David Pickford relates to Sidetracked, riding tidal streams from Exmoor to the English Channel. As you can imagine from this spectacular corner of Britain, the photos are mesmerising. (For another way to recreate this journey, check out the South West Coast Path on our guide to the UK's Top 7 Long-Distance Walks).

#3 This hilarious video from GQ features record-breaking and now Oscar-winning climber Alex Honnold dissect famous rock-climbing scenes from Hollywood films. His insights into technique on rock and outbursts of laughter and disbelief at some outlandish scenes are well worth your time.

#4 Fancy yourself as an outdoor photographer? Whether you just enjoy playing around with lenses or dream of packing it all in to be Instagram sensation, these key lessons from Outside Magazine will help to pick your images out from the crowd, and they're more focused on preparation and vision than technical know-how. If you do capture something you're particularly proud of, tag us on the 'gram to share it.

#5 It's news that we all knew already - children who spend more time outdoors will less at risk from mental health issues in later life. It's yet further proof that humans need exposure to natural spaces for both physical and mental wellbeing, as Adventure Journal explain. With that in mind, what are you up to this weekend?

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