Friday Unbound: 22nd March 2019

In this week's edition of Friday Unbound, we travel in time from a recent canine record in the Himalayas to ground-breaking long-distance hikes in 1950s USA

22nd March 2019 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

#1 We can all agree that no matter what the situation is, it's infinitely more interesting if a dog's involved. That's why we love this story from Outside Online - they reported recently that a Nepalese Mutt called Mera has reached the summit of Baruntse, a 23,289ft peak in the Himalayas. Although official records don't exist, it's reportedly the first time a dog has climbed to that height, mostly unsupported too. Mera was a stray who joined in an expedition, despite attempts by the crew to leave her behind for her own safety.

#2 You may never have heard of Colin Fletcher but if you enjoy long-distance hiking, you owe him a great deal. Born in Wales and part of the D-Day expeditionary force, Fletcher moved to the USA after WWII and pioneered long-distance recreational backpacking, hiking the length of California a full decade before the Pacific Crest Trail was even designated. Over the next 40 years, he completed multiple solo treks of epic distance and waxed lyrical about backpacking in several brilliant books. Adventure Journal have taken a detailed look at his extraordinary life.

#3 Last year, three British women embarked on an expedition in Siberia to cross Lake Baikal - having met only six weeks beforehand on Facebook. Despite a few obstacles - both natural and cultural - they completed the trip, hiking over this vast frozen lake and exploring a remote, hostile part of the world. Tim Moss, from The Next Challenge, recounts their adventure.

#4 Tuff-Inish is a 132km adventure race along the Wild Atlantic Way, with competitors running, cycling and kayaking non-stop to complete the distance. Cat Sutherland and Johny Cook tackled it for Sidetracked and made us all very jealous in the process.

#5 One from the archives: Another Escape interview Kiliii Yu, a professional adventure photographer, climber, kayaker, wilderness survival expert and violinist. Paired with some truly exceptional imagery, this is a wonderful insight into an extraordinary life; a life packed with outdoor adventure.

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