Trash Pak

Colour: Beluga

Leave no trace with this clever rubbish removal accessory

You’ve probably heard the phrase pack it in, pack it out – it’s one of the most important principles of camping. After all, there’s nothing worse than a camp left strewn with rubbish long after the tents have been packed away. The Trash Pak from Kelty is genius. It’s an accessory that can be attached to your van to pack in all your firewood while keeping your vehicle clean, and then to pack out all your rubbish once you’re done – no more long drives home with the stinking black bin bag in your van, nor the mess to sort out as you realise the bin bag had a hole in it and you’ve got bin juice everywhere. With clever interior loops you can tie various rubbish and recycling bags to the Trash Pak so that when you get home it’s just a case of sticking stuff in the relevant bin. Once you’re home, just give the Trash Pak a quick rinse and you’ll be ready for the next adventure

    • Semi-universal mounting system for van doors, exterior rear facing spare tires and more
    • Improved UV and water resistance
    • Durable Vinyl coated interior for easy clean-up
    • Two interior loops to hang trash bags
    • Foam padded back to protect vehicle
    • Includes six coated steel hooks for attachment system
    • Zippered front pocket
    • Compression closure straps
    • Bottom drainage hole
    • Volume: 85.0L
    • Height: 51.0 cm
    • Width: 55.0 cm
    • Length: 36.0 cm
    • Weight: 1.47 kg
    • Sustainability through Longevity: Lifetime warranty from Kelty
  • You’ll probably find a Kelty pack or tent at every trailhead and campground in the 50 states, from Alaska to New Mexico. They’re one of the biggest and best-loved US outdoor gear brands. In fact, American entrepreneurial spirit is in Kelty’s DNA. Just as Henry Ford is forever associated with the Ford Motor Company, Kelty is closely associated with its founder, Asher ‘Dick’ Kelty. A tireless inventor and passionate outdoorsman, Kelty developed a host of innovations in outdoor gear, including the first aluminium frame backpack, the first waist-belt, the first padded shoulder straps and the first zippered pockets. Those are all design elements that are still found on almost every quality trekking pack sold today.

    In the 1960s and 70s, these technical advances were so ground-breaking that Kelty packs were carried on expeditions to Everest, K2, Cholatse and Antarctica. But just as importantly, Kelty’s affordable and widely available packs encouraged thousands of Americans to explore the backwoods and mountains of their own country.

    Today, Kelty is still dedicated to getting everyone outdoors, with a wide range of sleeping bags, tents and other outdoor equipment – including, of course, its iconic packs.


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