The James Brand

The Holcombe

Colour: Titanium/Stainless

Slim, stylish and secure storage for your keys

When it comes to crafting useful tools, good design is all about details. Take the Holcombe – a keychain carabiner that has been meticulously designed to work better. Its slim form is exactly one belt-loop wide, so it’ll hang straight from your waist and won’t jangle around. The spring-loaded wire gate closure snaps securely shut while trapping your keys in a separate secondary compartment, so they can’t slide off. And the lightweight yet strong titanium frame incorporates a screwdriver/pry-bar that’ll do double duty for cracking open a beer or adjusting a loose screw.

    • The smaller, smarter carabiner for everyday carry.
    • Designed to be precisely one belt-loop wide, the Holcombe comes in a slim form that hangs straight and won’t rock.
    • Featuring a spring-loaded wire gate, the Holcombe stays firmly attached to wherever you keep it.
    • Your keys are kept safe in a secondary compartment, so there’s no fear of getting stranded on your next adventure.
    • The Holcombe also features a flat-head screwdriver and The James Brand semi-famous All Things® scraper.
    • Size: 7.2 x 2.2 cm
    • Materials: 6al 4v Titanium
    • Not for climbing
  • Sustainability through longevity - Designed to last a lifetime of everyday use
  • James is a brand that does things differently. Since 2012, they have been redefining the pocket-knife as an essential item of everyday carry for modern life | READ MORE


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