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Moon Chair

Colour: Dark Grey
Dark Grey

Hang loose

The Moonchair from laid-back Balinese brand Ticket to the Moon looks sort of like Batman's armchair. Not only is it the last word in comfort on the trail or at home, but this suspended lounger is also an extremely clever piece of kit. It's made from ultralight parachute nylon and aluminium tubing, and you can set it up in seconds. The Moonchair only needs a single anchor point, so you can hang it pretty much anywhere you've got a tree branch or beam. For us, the really genius bit is the floating foot-rest, which somehow elevates the decadence to the next level.

    • Made from high-quality parachute nylon
    • Fast-drying and mildew-resistant
    • Adjustable
    • Two side pockets
    • Comes with a carrying bag, suspension rope (2.5m) & 10kN carabiner
    • Aluminium spreader tubing
    • Stainless steel adjustment rings
    • Packs down to 98cm x 15cm
    • Weighs 1700g
    • Maximum load 120kg
    • Quick installation
    • 10-year warranty
    • High-quality, parachute-silk nylon
    • Aluminum spreader tubing
    • Stainless steel angle-adjustment rings
    • Bag dimensions: 98cm x 15cm
    • Weight: 1.7 kg
    • Maximum static load: 120kg
    • Nautical rope (suspension): 5mm x 2.5m
    • 10-year warranty
  • Whether you're a seasoned tree-dweller or just hammock-curious, big-hearted Balinese brand Ticket to the Moon makes the best nylon parachute hammocks out there. Which they should, really, when you consider that these sultans of swing have been in the game since the 90s. Lightweight, quick-drying and machine-washable, their hammocks are handmade to the highest standards. 

    In fact, the only real trouble with a Ticket to the Moon hammock is persuading yourself to roll out of it and set out on an adventure – but fortunately the speedy S-hook hanging system and specially designed pack sack make it a breeze to take your hammock with you on your travels.  

    In a world of outsourcing, murky supply chains and exploitative manufacturing processes, Ticket to the Moon’s approach is refreshingly straightforward. All their stuff is designed and produced in-house at their Bali HQ – where the folk making your hammocks get good salaries, decent working hours and pensions, plus a cut of the annual profits. And it must be a pretty sweet place to work because they reckon no-one's handed in their notice since 1996. Materials are locally sourced and often reclaimed or upcycled, while for more than 15 years they've also been funding a foundation that works with indigenous Sumbanese Kodi people in Indonesia to help improve their living conditions and resilience. All of which is nice to think about as you swing gently from side-to-side in the sunshine.


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