Öjbro Vantfabrik

Ekshärad Sot Mittens

Colour: Ekshärad Sot
Ekshärad Sot

Merino mittens, straight from Sweden

NOTE: Mittens run slightly large. If you’re on the cusp between two sizes, we suggest you choose the smaller size.

These chunky wool mittens are warm enough for the coldest winter evenings. Each pair is built with either double-layer merino wool or a patented four-layer construction that combines a merino wool outer shell with two layers of insulation and a soft tricot inner lining. This tried and tested system guarantees toasty fingers, whether you’re exploring a frozen fjord or catching the Metro to the office. In fact, it’s so good that it carries a warning triangle with the ‘3 Vs’: “Varning: varma vantar” (“warning: warm gloves!”). Some models also feature stitched palms in hard-wearing suede for a more secure grip and enhanced durability.

    • Extremely warm woollen mittens made from a double-layer merino or patented four-layer construction
    • Four-layer system features outer shell made from a luxurious merino wool blend, with a double lining made from polyamide insulation and a soft tricot inner
    • Swedish design based on traditional knitting patterns, each with its own unique story
    • Perfect for cold weather use
  • They’re crafted in western Sweden by Öjbro Vantfabrik, a small, independent manufacturer dedicated to preserving the heritage designs and patterns of Swedish woollen garments through beautiful pieces of ‘wearable art’. Many of the unique knitting patterns are associated with traditional provinces.

    This includes the Ekshärad design, associated with the picturesque Värmland region – a landscape of mountains and lakes in west-central Sweden that has inspired countless painters and writers. The province was also the heart of Sweden’s mining industry, where iron ore was extracted and smelted before being worked into tools and implements by local blacksmiths. This knit employs patterns inspired by traditional ironwork and is dyed in traditional colours.

    • Outermaterial: 100% Merino wool
    • Innerlining 1: OEJBRO Soft-warm
    • Innerlining 2: Thinsulate
    • Innerlining 3: Tricot
  • NOTE: Gloves run a bit big. If you’re on the cusp between two sizes, we suggest you choose the smaller size.

    • Manufactured Locally - Öjbro Vantfabrik work closely with small, family-owned factories in Europe to produce high-quality apparel with a minimal carbon footprint
    • Sustainability Through Longevity - By creating durable, hard-wearing gloves, socks and mittens, Öjbro Vantfabrik’s products last for years and can be repaired when worn down
  • There are two reasons you’ll fall in love with Öjbro Vantfabrik’s gloves and socks. Firstly, this homely Swedish brand fuse their heritage into each design, incorporating traditional Sami patterns and cultural tales into their woolen garments. It’s a carefully considered design process that affords their garments a story as rich as the material they’re built from. Which leads into the second reason: they’re hella comfy.

    Each pair of gloves and socks that Öjbro Vantfabrik produce is crafted from premium wool sourced from ethical farmers and manufactured in eco-friendly factories. The resulting apparel is ludicrously soft and comfortable, not to mention built to endure years of wear, designed to keep you warm no matter the conditions outside.

    1. If you have a protective film over your smartphone, please ensure it is completely clean, i.e. free of dust and dirt. A dirty protective film covering will reduce the effectiveness of the mobile touch
    2. If the gloves are loose on your hand and fingers, this will reduce the effectiveness of the mobile touch, so choose a size that will provide a snug fit. If you’re on the cusp between two sizes, we suggest you choose the smaller size.


"Keeps fingers toasty warm."


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