Gjöra Gloves

Colour: Brown

Beautiful leather gloves that only get better with age

Have you ever noticed how many outdoor professionals seem to prefer old-school leather gloves? It's because modern technical ones quickly get trashed by ropes, campfires, sharp objects and general rough treatment. Well, not these Gjöra gloves from Crud Sweden. Built in rugged full-grain cow hide, they're designed to take anything you can throw at them, and are treated with a special compound of natural waxes and oils to make them supple and water-resistant. As a bonus, the eight-step finishing process also gives them a rich scent of Nordic pine. These are seriously high-grade gloves that'll give you years of hard service in the most challenging environments – and the more burns and scars they rack up along the way, the better they're going to look

    • Made from full-grain cow hide
    • Short shank style
    • Treated with a natural compound of oils and waxes
    • Water-resistant
    • Ages beautifully over time
    • Unlined
    • Manufactured in Ethiopia, finished in Sweden
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  • Sustainability through Longevity - Everything Crud creates represents a commitment to simplicity, functionality, high quality, and craftsmanship. Their gear will take a real beating and with time develop a patina and character specific to each individual product and its owner.

  • Based out of Jonsered, near Gothenburg, Crud’s motto is ‘let the gear tell your story’. They’re all about creating enduring products that’ll take on their own inimitable patina the more you use them. If you’re the type who loves the look of faded selvedge denim, ancient waxed jackets or beaten-up old Land Rovers, then these guys are your tribe.

    Crud are best known for their rugged leather gloves, constructed in premium cow hide or elk skin. Each pair is stitched together in either the US or Ethiopia, then hand-finished in Sweden – going through an eight-stage process that utilises a traditional mix of pine-scented waxes, oils and fats. The resulting gloves are water-resistant and incredibly tough, designed to rack up the scars, scrapes and burns of countless adventures in the great outdoors. There are winter versions available, and even a pair that’s lined with Kevlar for the ultimate in abrasion and heat resistance. 

    Crud aren’t interested in mass-production and economies of scale. This is heirloom-quality stuff to last a lifetime – built to take a battering and come out the other side looking even better.

Comfortable and durable

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