Paw-some Adventure Dogs of Instagram

These amazing adventure dogs will bring a smile to your face. Warning: most of them have climbed more mountains than you have

19th March 2020 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

We’re proud to present our favourite adventure dogs, with a list lovingly compiled after literally hundreds of hours spent scrolling through Instagram. Majestic mountain hounds and cheeky outdoor pups abound here, along with a springer spaniel who is also a Munro compleatist and a terrier who is a pretty accomplished winter mountaineer. But, regardless of their achievements, all these dogs have one thing in common: they absolutely love an adventure.

Followers 1.6k | Join us. Genghis and Dougie the springers, Giovanni our campervan and the Walk Master, the Food Lady and all our friends we meet on our adventures.

We were actually lucky enough to meet Genghis and the ‘Walk Master’, halfway up Bla Bheinn on the Isle of Skye. Genghis, we found out, was attempting to climb all 282 Scottish Munros. This retired gun dog and his owner, Mac Wright, started bagging Munros in 2016 and successfully completed them in September 2019. No mean feat for a 12-year-old pooch. He’s the first dog to have received an official certificate of completion. Follow Genghis and Dougie on their adventures, enjoying their happy faces as they roam around Scotland doing what adventure dogs do best. @genghisthespringer

Pippa Peach
Followers 4.2K | Freckled Face Adventurer

You’ll be hard pushed to find a dog as pretty as Pippa the collie, with her cute smattering of freckles, beautiful eyes and a lovely smile. But she’s far more than just a pretty face. Pippa is always out adventuring. She climbs mountains in the snow, hangs out in hammocks and takes other four-legged pals on her adventures too. Her Mum’s a photographer, so all of Pippa’s pics are framed beautifully, capturing not only this gorgeous dog, but beautiful surroundings too. @pippaontheprowl

Followers 3.3K | I’m Finn and I’m a rescued Parson Russell Terrier. I now live in the English Lake District with my folks @craftylakelandlass and @black.crag

Although she hasn’t posted for a while, there are still plenty of great shots of this petite pooch on her insta account. Little legs don’t hold Finn back as she bounds up fells, perches on trig points and zooms across sand on her favourite beaches. If one post is to be believed, this dog can even juggle! Often seen sporting bright buffs or jackets, we really hope we’ll spot Finn on the fells one day soon. @finn.of.the.fells

Followers 6K | 10-year-old adventurer terrier. Climbing, walking and kayaking my way around Scotland with my human @jack_adventure

This intrepid pup wows us with his amazing adventures around Scotland. From posing on summits, swimming in lochs and riding a paddle board to chilling in a tent, this dog knows how to have a good time in the great outdoors. He even made the papers thanks to his penchant for winter climbing, wearing a leash alongside owner Jack’s pair of ice tools. Snoop simply pushed his paws into the snow to top out. He may not be the biggest dog in the pack, but he’s certainly a paw-some adventurer.  @snoop_adventure

Annalie & Ted
Followers 75.9K | A human and hound sharing our best time in those little boxes

Ted is one handsome hound and his owner Annalie takes him on some awesome adventures. His puppy pics are absolutely adorable and we defy anyone not to fall in love with these puppy eyes. He’s a lover of sticks, balls, chasing squirrels and splashing around in water, but he also climbs hills in the snow, runs mountain bike trails alongside his dad and even carries his own bag up mountains.@annalieandted

Followers 1K | I am Nacho. A Korean Jindo saved from the nasty dog meat trade by @TristanCameronHarper and now live in Scotland. “This is my adventure”

If you like glorious Scottish scenery and dogs with a great smile then this is definitely an account for you. Nacho goes on some incredible adventures around Scotland, climbing Munros, watching cloud inversions on snow covered hills, exploring beautiful Scottish islands and even meeting hedgehogs. But he’s just as happy curled up by the fire as he is out on the hills. This dog will charm you with his adventurous spirit. @nachothejindo 

Followers 3.5K | Discovering everywhere dog friendly in the UK, one adventure at a time.

This pretty cockapoo trots about the country enjoying adventures as she goes. From Cornwall and the Cotswolds to the Peak District, the Lakes and Scotland, there aren’t many adventure paradises this pooch hasn’t explored. Not only are there lots of lovely photos to melt any dog-lover’s heart, but this is a really useful account to follow if you want to find dog-friendly destinations and accommodation. @cockapops 

Followers 1K | Morag the Irish Terrier. Full of fun, mischief and energy. Get outside and play, it will make you smile every day.

Follow the adventures of Morag as she bounds around Scotland. We’re not sure we’ve ever seen a dog as happy as Morag is when she’s out on her adventures. It’s no surprise that she often charms fellow walkers into giving her shortbread on summits. But why is she a ‘toe rag’? Well, her insta account also shows the days when Morag is stuck inside, when she protests by shredding magazines and tissues, or pulling stuffing out of toys. We don’t blame you Morag, we feel the same when we can’t get outside. @moragthetoerag

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