Paw-some Adventure Dogs of Instagram

These amazing adventure dogs will bring a smile to your face. Warning: most of them have climbed more mountains than you have.

Updated 15th February 2024 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

Everybody knows that looking at cute pups is one of the best things about the internet. So, we’re proud to present our favourite adventure dogs, with a list lovingly compiled after literally hundreds of hours spent scrolling through Instagram. Majestic mountain hounds and cheeky outdoor pooches abound here. But, regardless of their achievements, all these dogs have one thing in common: they absolutely love an adventure.

Cleo and Ogwen
Followers 3K | Welsh Collies. Nervous girly and Loving Boyo ❤
Mom @rivers__and_roads & dad @haydentomlinson

We’re not sure any two dogs look more at home in the hills than Cleo and Ogwen. These adventurous Welsh Collies seem to spend all their time climbing mountains in the UK; paddling in llyns, lochs and tarns; going on epic wild camps and occasionally chilling out in their van. Their collie smiles show just how much they love their adventures in the great outdoors. They have two adventurous pawrents, whose accounts are well worth following too. @cleo.and.ogwen

Finn the Cockapoo
Followers 420 | F1 Cockapoo 03/08/19
Adventures with @cexx12 in Snowdonia, North Wales | We run, climb, swim and camp. We live for the outdoors.

Finn is one a-dawg-able adventure dog. He lives in North Wales and is often seen roaming the mountains of Eryri (Snowdonia). He’s not just a pretty face though, Finn picks adventure whatever the weather, and there are some epic snowy mountain shots where he’s picked up many a snowball on his fur. It looks like he loves time in the tent too. We’d definitely snuggle up with him on a cold evening in the hills, although maybe not if he’s just been swimming in a mountain lake! @finn_cockapoo

Ivy in the Wild
Followers 54.2K | Adventure Dog Ivy🌲 The daily explorations of Ivy and Allie

Here's a pup from British Columbia, Canada. This intrepid adventure dog wows us with her amazing all-weather pursuits, together with owner Allie. Ivy is a striking merle Border Collie mix with stunning golden eyes. Her feed is full of dad jokes, as well as some more serious musings on life with a dog (and life in general). Boasting some incredible landscapes, the pics will make you want to book a trip to Canada immediately@ivyinthewild

Bajas the Westie
Followers 66.7K | Mountain Adventure Dog | Blogger | Discovering Norway with my buddy @oyehaug 💛

Bajas may be a teeny tiny Westie but boy are his adventures big. He is lucky enough to have an owner who is a professional adventurer from the Sunnmøre Alps, so Bajas is always out and about, often in snow that’s quite possibly higher than him. Head over to his reels to check out just how fast he can run through the snow. We particularly love the scenery on this account, the incredible mountain and lake pics are stunning, made even better with Bajas in frame. @bajas.the.westie

Followers 6.8K | 14-year-old adventurer terrier. Hiking and paddling my way around Scotland with my human @jack__adventure

This intrepid pup wows us with his amazing adventures around Scotland. From posing on summits, swimming in lochs and riding a paddle board to chilling in a tent, this dog knows how to have a good time in the great outdoors. He even made the papers thanks to his penchant for winter climbing, wearing a leash alongside owner Jack’s pair of ice tools. Snoop simply pushed his paws into the snow to top out. He may not be the biggest dog in the pack, but he’s certainly a paw-some adventurer.  @snoop_adventure

Annalie & Ted
Followers 74.7K | Family life

Ted is one handsome hound and his owner Annalie takes him on some awesome adventures. His pics are absolutely adorable and we defy anyone not to fall in love with these big eyes. He’s a lover of sticks, balls, chasing squirrels and splashing around in water, but he's also a great family dog, devoted to the kids. @annalieandted

Followers 1K | I am Nacho. A Korean Jindo saved from the nasty dog meat trade by @TristanCameronHarper and now live in Scotland. “This is my adventure”

If you like glorious Scottish scenery and dogs with a great smile then this is definitely an account for you. Nacho goes on some incredible adventures around Scotland, climbing Munros, watching cloud inversions on snow covered hills, exploring beautiful Scottish islands and even meeting hedgehogs. But he’s just as happy curled up by the fire as he is out on the hills. This dog will charm you with his adventurous spirit. @nachothejindo 

Poppy and Maple
Followers 13.2K | Cara, Andy, Poppy and Maple | Dog Friendly Travel

Owners Cara and Andy are explorers, hikers and travellers who never go anywhere without Poppy the cockapoo and Maple the  Irish setter.From Cornwall and the Cotswolds to the Peak District, the Lakes and Scotland, there aren’t many adventure paradises these two pooches haven’t explored. Not only are there lots of lovely photos to melt any dog-lover’s heart, but this is a really useful account to follow if you want to find dog-friendly destinations and accommodation. @alwaystakethedogs 

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