If you want to broaden your horizons and explore more adventurously, ACTION CULTURE needs to be your basecamp - their catalogue of exotic trips and experiences is sure to spark the wanderlust of any intrepid outdoor adventurer

1st April 2019 | Words by Jack Hart @ WildBounds HQ

Finding adventure in the everyday is something we will always hold to - it’s why we’re huge fans of microadventures and casual evening trips to the climbing wall. Grander, bolder adventures, though, have definitely not lost their place in our hearts. And when it comes to those, ACTION CULTURE have got things under wraps.

Dog-sledding in Greenland
With Action Culture, you can find adventure across the globe

Based in Lucerne, Switzerland, they organise adventure travel experiences around the world, from cycling through Tuscan hills to climbing Antarctic mountains. You know, the kind of large scale expeditions that offer truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences in unforgettable landscapes. As founder Glenn Murray-Prior puts it, they’re the kind of adventures designed to create profound personal experiences: “I strongly believe in the power of [that] to have a positive impact on people.”

He’s not talking lightly, either. Formerly an exec at a major international tour operator, Glenn craved more freedom and time with his family, and turned to his days as a bungee jump instructor in his native Australia for inspiration. Back then, his job was to help people overcome their fear and have an incredible experience, walking away with huge positive energy - if he could combine that same approach with larger, more epic adventures, he’d be doing something truly unique. Plus, he could work out of a mountain hut in the Swiss Alps, which has its perks. So, he embraced the philosophy he now lives by and made the jump.

Beach yoga with Action Culture
From yoga on the beach to hiking in mountain foothills, the possibilities for adventure with Action Culture are endless

ACTION CULTURE is the result. From surfing in Iceland to summiting the Matterhorn, they partner with adventure travel operators to offer incredible experiences around the world. All their adventures are categorised according to their type, like Bike, Surf, Climb and Snow, to help make finding your perfect trip even easier. They’re not just farming out experiences, though - Glenn is stringent in who they partner with to make sure their trips are both unforgettable for participants and sustainable for the landscapes and communities they visit.

Throughout everything that ACTION CULTURE works on, four core values shape their approach: “sustainability, safety, inclusiveness and value”. Glenn spends most of his time coordinating with tour companies big and small to identify those people offering access to unique environments and opportunities, who he then works with to create the best adventure tours possible. So you can be sure that your experience fulfils Glenn’s final value as well as the initial three.

Mountain biking with Action Culture
Meeting like-minded people is part and parcel of an adventure with Action Culture

It’s a pretty remarkable operation. From a remote base in Switzerland (access in winter is tricky, by all accounts), ACTION CULTURE introduce customers to adventures across the breadth of the planet, working with a collective of designers, programmers and gear/experience testers to provide the best service possible. They’re continuing to build on an already impressive portfolio of adventures and looking to increase their positive impact on the travel industry, contributing revenue to a range of social and environmental causes. Whatever they work on, you can be sure of one thing: adventure awaits.

Surfing with Action Culture
Where will your next adventure take you?
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