10 Best Outdoor Adventure Instagram Accounts 2023

Ten adventurous Instagram accounts to follow for genuine outdoor inspiration, here to save you from hours of endless 'doom scrolling'.

11th August 2023 | Words by Matt Jones @ WildBounds HQ

Instagram: fit to burst with identikit travel accounts, endless #vanlife profiles and would-be influencers. There's genuinely useful and inspiring content too of course, but it can be tough to find amidst a sea of mediocrity. This can lead to hours of 'doom scrolling', your mind transfixed by that little smartphone screen rather than engaging with the big, wide world. It’s a problem we know well, which is why we created this round-up of ten Instagram accounts that are actually worth following.

Ranging from adventure travellers to mountain lovers, from high-altitude climbers to incredible nature photographers (with a sustainability guru and an outdoor gourmand thrown in there too), these profiles aim to inspire and educate their followers. Basically, we've put in the leg work and saved you hundreds of hours trying to find great content. So, that gives you more time to head outdoors yourself. Because let's face it, that’s where the real adventure is.

Chris Burkard
A professional photographer, speaker and filmmaker, Burkard hails from California's Central Coast region. He shoots landscape, lifestyle, surf, outdoor, and travel subjects, but isn't afraid to turn his lens on issues on devastating wildfires and volcanic eruptions. His use of natural light to capture fleeting moments is second to none, as is his ability to highlight nature's sheer power and breath-taking beauty, often in the same moment. @chrisburkard

Meg Haywood Sullivan
Less about spectacular visual content and more about highlighting thought-provoking issues, Meg Haywood Sullivan's Instagram account is dedicated to taking small steps towards a more sustainable future. She's worked with brands like Patagonia, prAna, and Clif Bar, and is a co-founder of the movement Plastic Free Fridays. Meg is also an ambassador for Conservation International, Surfrider Foundation, and Protect Our Winters, and a member of The Explorers Club. @meg_haywoodsullivan

Nimsdai Purja
This former British Army Gurkha and UK Special Forces operative turned ground-breaking mountaineer probably needs no introduction. He shot to fame in 2019 when he completed 'Project Possible', climbing all 14 of the world's peaks above 8,000 metres in less than seven months (a feat documented in the Netflix film 14 Peaks).Today, Nims continues to push the limits of high-altitude mountaineering, whilst highlighting the real Himalayan heroes, the Sherpas. @nimsdai

Wasfia Nazreen
Another record-breaking mountaineer, Wasfia Nazreen was the first Bangladeshi and first Bengali to climb the Seven Summits, a feat that earned her a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year award back in 2015. She has been lauded for her commitment to empowering women through adventure, as well as campaigning on animal rights, human rights in Tibet, environmental issues, Bangladeshi women's rights and indigenous groups. She continues to be a strident activist and champion of those without a voice. @wasfianazreen

James Michael Forrest
This self-proclaimed 'mountain man' has a penchant for epic challenges. In 2017 he climbed all the peaks over 2,000ft in England and Wales in just six months, while holding down a normal day job. Fast forward two years and he’d managed to forge a career as an outdoors writer and full time adventurer, with enough time on his hands to climb all 282 Scottish Munros, again just in six months. His photos show the pointy bits of the UK at their very best, but his stories and reels also take an honest and humorous look at the challenging moments of life as an adventurer. @jamesmichaelforrest 

Jimmy Chin
An acclaimed climber and skier in his own right, Jimmy Chin is one of the world’s very best adventure storytellers. Follow him and your feed will be filled with epic landscape shots, jaw dropping adventures and the stories behind them. Some of our favourite shots are the ones of Jimmy himself and the extremely precarious positions he has to get himself into to capture the most incredible action shots. @jimmychin

Anna Pfaff
A world-class alpinist, rock climber and qualified nurse, Anna Pfaff has climbed some of the most extreme and remote mountain routes in the world. In May 2022, she had surgery to remove all the toes on her right foot after suffering severe frostbite while climbing. But her spirit remains indomitable, and her account inspirational, encapsulated by her core mantra: "our best is always changing". @pfaff_anna

Nick Weston
If you never grow tired of the crackle of a campfire or the smoky flavours of food cooked over open flames, Nick Weston’s feed is for you. Nick is the founder and director of wild food, foraging and cookery school Hunter Gather Cook. The HGC HQ is nestled in woodland on a stunning 40-acre farm near Lewes, East Sussex and incorporates a shepherd’s barn as well as a full-size treehouse. An expert forager, chef, hunter, fisherman and maker of wild cocktails, Nick’s feed will inspire all your outdoor cooking adventures. @huntergathercook

Shameless plug aside, our account doesn’t just post the most inspirational and beautiful images we encounter — it’s a gateway to connect with fellow adventure seekers and find the kit you need to get out there yourself. For those who want to #stayboundless, it’s the feed to keep an eye on. @wildbounds

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