SUPing Ibiza's Rugged North Coast

Well away from the clubs and crowds of the south, the north of Ibiza feels like another island entirely. Here a rugged coastline and stunning vistas set the backdrop for chilling out and checking out this wild part of the Balearic islands.

26th June 2017 | Words by Tom @ WildBounds HQ

Sure, we’ve done Ibiza before. The parties, the clubs. Pacha, Amnesia, Ushuaia. Been there, done that. And had a damn good time doing it. But this time I'm here to see and explore the other side of Ibiza. The north continues to live in the shadow of it’s more lively southern half - which of course is all the better for those looking to swim, paddle, dive, relax and eat and drink away from the crowds.

Moscarter lighthouse, SUPing Ibiza
Moscarter lighthouse

My abode for these days is Los Enamorados Ibiza, a very chilled out, well-maintained and perfectly situated boutique hotel tucked away in a small cove called Es Portitxol, on the outskirts of Portinatx. The best thing about this place is the staff and management - incredibly friendly and helpful. The second best thing about this place is their collection SUP boards.

SUPing Ibiza, depart at sunrise SUPing Ibiza north coast, sunrise

I set off at sunrise heading for the privately-held island of Tagomago, a 4-hour paddle from Portinatx. The plan is to arrive at Tagomago by late morning, paddle around the island, then to Cala de Sant Vicent for a couple hours break, before beginning the return journey along the jagged coastline.

Punta Grossa lighthouse (not in use)
Punta Grossa lighthouse (not in use)
SUPing to Tagomago Island, Ibiza
Tagomago comes into view as I round Punta Grossa.
SUPing to Tagomago Island, Ibiza
Getting there...
Tagomao island
After 4 hours of straight paddling, I arrive at Tagomao island.

Port de Tagomago has crystal clear water with excellent views across to Ibiza. The island, owned by Spanish entrepreneur Mariano Montero, has some tourist accommodation which typically plays host to politicians and celebrities.

Port de Tagomago
Port de Tagomago

The wind picks up and I’m paddling directly into it as I head up the east side of Tagomago. I’m soon rewarded though – the north side is peppered with caves and rocky outcrops. Not a soul on this side, I’ve literally got it to myself.

Tagomago Island, Ibiza - by SUP board
Tagomago Island, Ibiza - by SUP board
Tagomago Island, Ibiza - by SUP board
Tagomago Island, Ibiza - by SUP board

After a couple hours resting my bones and waiting for the early afternoon sun to dip a bit, I start the paddle back to Portinatx and Los Enamorados. Cold beer awaits.

SUPing Ibiza north coast
Return journey now, with Moscarter lighthouse just coming into view.
Los Enamorados Ibiza, cold beer and oysters
Cold beers and oysters back at Los Enamorados Ibiza. Boom.

Images: 1: Antje Lindert-Rottke/Adobe; All others: WildBounds HQ

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