2018 Mountain Bound Short Film Competition

Mountain Bound Short Film Competition
Mountain Bound Short Film Competition

Thanks to everyone who entered the 2018 Mountain Bound Short Film Competition. The winners are:

1. Sasha Mihalova for New Zealand Adventure
2. Julyan and Miranda for Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
3. Zack Murray for Scotland Adventure

Check out the winners reel here

Mountain Bound is as much a state of being as a state of mind; something that all adventurous people instinctively feel without needing to explain it. Mountains, whether the towering Alps or scree-coated Lake District, lure us into their dramatic valleys and weather-beaten cols, promising adventure, excitement and escapism. It’s an environment that challenges everyone who enters it and one to be treated with equal amounts of enthusiasm and respect.

It is with that spirit that we are launching Mountain Bound, a new competition to find the most epic short amateur film about mountains possible. Whether it’s hiking in the Cairngorms, kayaking in the Lakes or trail running in the Brecons, we’re looking for submissions of amateur films on outdoor adventure in the mountains. The exact specifications can be found below but there’s one criteria to be met above all else: they’ve got to be EPIC. Our partners - Tentsile, Burnt Custard and Jago - have teamed up to offer some incredible prizes for the winning entries, totalling over £1000. Clip on your GoPro and dust off that vintage camcorder - the mountains are calling.

Mountain Bound Prizes

How to Participate

  • Create your film - maximum length 5mins
  • Submit your film online - SUBMISSIONS CLOSED
  • Share your submission


  • Submissions: 2nd April - 6th July
  • Shortlist announced: 8th July
  • Winners announced: 22nd July

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