Whistler RL 400 AW II

Colour: Grey

Cabin baggage for camera buffs

So then, jetting off on an adventurous photography assignment, are we? Fancy checking all that top-dollar camera gear in as hold baggage? No we didn't think so. It's an unfortunate truth that not every item of luggage leads a long and happy life after you wave farewell to it on the conveyor belt — and with something as expensive and fragile as camera equipment, you're best off keeping it close. This is a wheely carry-on suitcase designed specially for professional adventure photographers. A removable padded camera insert has compartments for two camera bodies and five or six lenses, plus a 15" laptop, a 10" tablet and a graphics tablet for edits. As you'd expect from Lowepro, it's a tough bit of kit that'll protect the tools of your trade from hard knocks and heavy weather — and if you’re travelling without your photography gear then you can just remove the insert and use it as a standard cabin bag

    • Removable camera insert fits two pro DSLR camera bodies with attached lenses, plus 5-6 lenses (one up to 300mm) and speedlights
    • Room for a 15" laptop, 10" tablet and graphics tablet
    • Extra space for cords, cables and adapters
    • Removable side straps for a tripod
    • Small enough to take as cabin baggage
    • Wheels and telescopic handle for easy rolling
    • Can be used as a standard cabin bag without the camera insert
    • Heavy-duty, weather-resistant materials
    • Rain cover
  • Weight 3.99 kg
    Internal Dimensions 32.3 x 20.3 x 51.8 cm
    External Dimensions 35.3 x 23.2 x 54.8 cm
    Total Volume 40 L
    Laptop Compartment 31 x 1 x 40 cm
    Tablet Compartment 22 x 1 x 28 cm
    Camera Compartment 32 x 15 x 44 cm
    Front Compartment 32 x 2 x 45 cm
  • Weather resistant Nylon 66

  • Sustainability through Longevity: For 50 years, Lowepro has designed and made some of the highest quality protective cases in the world. They stand behind every product with a lifetime warranty.

  • In a world where some gear companies feel like they have to make everything, Lowepro have just picked a single thing and done it really well. Since mountaineer and adventure photographer Greg Lowe knocked up his first backpack in a Colorado shed in 1967, they’ve become the world leader in camera bags for outdoor photographers.

    Lowepro were the first to introduce innovations like soft-sided foam-lined camera bags, ergonomic shoulder straps and lightweight buckles, and their products have averted many a camera catastrophe over the last 50 years. These days the bags are designed just outside San Francisco, and their focus is still firmly zoomed in on adventure photography in the great outdoors. Unlike so many other camera bags and backpacks, theirs are built to be rugged, comfortable and weatherproof – and every new bag or innovation gets properly put through its paces in the mountains before it finds its way onto your back.

    What’s more, they’ve recently been putting a lot of work into their use of more sustainable materials, and some of their products are now made from up to 85% recycled fabric. So as you capture the world through your lens, you’re also doing your bit for it with your gear choices.

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